Workout and Fitness Tracker for Humans

Gentler Streak stimulates a self-compassionate approach to exercise, where recovery is as important as intensity. Find your balance and fully embrace active life done your way.

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Gentler Streak: Workout Tracker Main Screen

Tracker that puts your well-being first. Always.

  • A personal balance between fitness and rest.

    Gentler Streak responds to your readiness and proposes daily workout actions that keep you within healthy activity levels.

  • Rest and active recovery

    are part of the actions that keep the streak going. Follow the guidance and see your fitness improve!

  • The Apple Watch workout tracker

    has all the must-have qualities of the best app tracker and is a unique tool to control fitness on the go!

Award-winning Apple Watch workout tracker

Award-winning Apple Watch workout tracker

  • Real-time training effect

    helps you adjust intensity and keep you on top of recommended intensity levels.

  • Heart rate training zones

    let you be in control of workout intensity.

  • Metric charts

    for current elevation, elevation gain, and heart rate.

  • 100+ workout types

    let you track all your activities including dog walking, daily chores and more.

  • A map, distance, and location

    for any outdoor workouts.


Go Gentler suggestions

Personalized suggestions of daily workout actions

  • Go Gentler

    proposes daily workout actions that keep you within healthy activity levels.

  • Personalized suggestions

    go from rest to intense workouts, with the optimal hint listed first. They are specified in type, duration, and intensity.

  • Start a Go Gentler workout on your Apple Watch

    to guide you towards the proposed goal: monitoring workout intensity and nudging you to step up or slow down.

A complete activity tool

A complete activity tool

  • Set status.

    When sick, injured or taking a break. It removes Activity Path from sight and mind, so you can recover on your terms without feeling guilty.

  • Actionable insights.

    Expert knowledge squeezed into under-1-min reads. Relevant topics shown on Streak.

  • Training Log.

    A complete workout history in one place.

  • Workout summaries and progress charts.

    Duration, active energy, distance, and elevation gain for the chosen time period.

  • Recaps.

    Training month/year presented engagingly with multiple share functions.

No Activity Left Behind

Gentler Streak writes and reads your data from HealthKit. None of it is stored with us; processing happens and stays on your device. Always.

Works with Apple Health